How to Write a

Great Email

 Sales Letter 



How?  By telling a COMPELLING STORY to GRAB the reader's attention and

HOLD their interest until they click-thru to your site. 


But what if the product isn't that interesting, like a tape measure?


Good question. Here's the copy I wrote to tackle that one...


Neil Armstrong on the moon without the right tool?



You would think the millions NASA spent sending astronauts to the moon would provide them with the highest quality tools.


But listen up – I’m going to tell you EXACTLY why Neil didn’t have one of the best tools available.


It started like this … 


3 … 2 … 1 … Ignition!


With huge plumes of smoke blasting from rumbling rockets, Neil lifted off one world and and headed for another – it’s not surprising he needed WORLD CLASS tools for the trip.


Let’s face it – Neil was a professional engineer and had the full force of NASA behind him designing the best tools to get the job done.


But, as interesting as it is to think about Neil’s tool belt, that’s not what interests me most.  Nope – my focus is on just one thing:




Truth is, when it comes to WORLD CLASS tools, there’s one brand in orbit that makes me sit up and pay attention.


And, when it comes to “measure twice, cut once,” this tape measure provides the reliability and accuracy you need.


>> Get details here…


It’s as clear to me as the Man in the Moon on a cloudless night – Komelon is a WORLD CLASS tape measure.


And right now, you can have this self-locking tape measure at HALF the cost of competing brands.


No more stepping on the tape to “lock” it down, or ducking to avoid getting HIT while retracting, or squinting to read worn out numbers.


This unique self-locking design allows the blade to extend smoothly and retract with complete control by pushing a button. The case is rubberized for impact resistance and the blade is nylon-coated for maximum durability.


The Komelon is available in various lengths and widths, and if you do scaled drawings, you can even choose one with an engineer scale Neil Armstrong himself would love to have.


All of this for HALF the price.


Talk about being WORLD CLASS …


>> Get details here…


Don’t wait to get this, or the next time you reach for a tape measure, it won’t be a Komelon.


With just a few clicks, you can have the WORLD CLASS tape measure Neil never had.


People are grabbing these faster than Neil and his buddies picked up moon rocks to take home.


So get yours right now, while they're still available at this great price.


Time is running out …


3 … 2 … 1 …


>> Get details here…


Only the best for you,




P.S.  One of the coolest things about the Komelon Self-Locking Tape Measure is how smmoooooooooth the blade retracts when you press the button.


It’s true – you not only get this impact-resistant highly accurate tape measure in your choice of length, but you get it at HALF the cost of other tape measures.


Does it get any better than that?


>> Get details here…


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